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Ability to Disable Tool Container Without Minimizing

I'd like to be able to disable a tool container but not minimize it so I can still see what's in there. Maybe disabled containers could be grayed out the way the output tools are when you disable them. We would still need to retain current features in case people like it that way, but it would be nice to choose.

15 - Aurora

+1 on this; this would be very useful and a big boost to user experience.


(I would also like the ability to resize the tool container...)


5 - Atom

Agreed!  Similar topic discussed in this thread: Switch-Connector

15 - Aurora

Hey Alteryx,


I'd love it if we could have the functionality to expand disabled tool containers so you can still seem them as part of the workflow.


I love tool containers but it's really annoying when they minimize when disabled. I still want to see what tools are in there without having to re-enable the container.


Just a thought :)

5 - Atom
Let's re-write this question title bc it doesn't only minimize. we have collapsed the window and lose the visibility. As workflows go by, this gets to be an issue unless we get real creative with documentation.
15 - Aurora

Lets get some traction behind this idea!!











tag your friends and family 🙂

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

This would make a lot of sense. I'd like to +1 this!

14 - Magnetar

Great idea, have starred.


IMO it is more logical from a user perspective for 'deactivate' and 'minimize' to be fully independent concepts controlled by their own toggles, as the idea suggests.


Having the deactivate button trigger two actions (deactivate AND minimize) is potentially a little confusing to new users when most other buttons/toggles in Designer only do one specific thing.

5 - Atom

Is this where upvote activation but not expanding again?

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for suggesting this. Containers can be disabled without being collapsed starting in the 21.3 release.


Available for download here: