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AWS Athena Compute Support

While I strongly support the S3 upload and download connectors, the development of AWS Athena has changed the game for us. Please consider opening up an official support of Athena compute on S3 like support already show for Teradata, Hadoop Hive, MS SQL, and other database types.

6 - Meteoroid

AWS announced Athena API support:


Please consider adding first class query and export support for Athena to Alteryx.

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YES Please!!!

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Yes! We use Athena a lot at our company and a native connector would be super helpful!


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If interested, check out my super elementary RJDBC Athena Macro here:


It is NOT "first class" or highly performant, but it is serviceable in a bind and works fine for smallish datasets. Feel free to improve!




5 - Atom

I am also very much hoping for this. We are using AWS for lots of data, and Athena is our preferred way of interacting with event/log data for analysts.

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi All,


This is currently on the roadmap for Q1 2018 (though, timing could change).




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AWS just announced ODBC support for Athena yesterday. You should be able to download the ODBC driver and connect via Alteryx:


Status changed to: Coming Soon
7 - Meteor

Hi Alex,


Could you confirm that will mean that Athena will have "In-Database" tool support?



8 - Asteroid

+1 for this feature! Any updates on the release for Athena connector? 

8 - Asteroid


We have been using Alteryx against Athena for quite a bit and it works quite well using the ODBC connector. It doesn't have In-DB functionality yet, but it sounds like they are working on that. Again, not officially supported but it works fine as most other general ODBC connectors would.