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API Input Tool

We could really use a proper API Tool for Input, rather than rely on curl queries, etc. that end up requiring many tools to parse into a proper table form, even using the JSON tools!

I for one deal regularly with cloud APIs, and pulling their data. We need an API Input tool that can handle various auth methods, Headers, Params, Body data, etc and that will ALSO handle converting the typical output (JSON) into two outputs - Meta info, and the table-compatible info.


I'm moving from direct SQL query to using API, and I literally have 15 Tools and steps required to create the same table data that the single SQL query tool gave me. In one case, I have to have an 18 tool Container that just handles getting a Bearer Token before I can pass that on to another container that actually does the curl query, etc and it's 15 tools needed to manage the output JSON into proper table-style data. (Yes, I already use the JSON tools, but the data requires massaging before that tool can work right).


As an add-on, we should also be able to make aliases for the API connection so we aren't having to put user/pass information into the workflow at any point. Interfaces are nice, but not really useful in automated workflow runs.


There's got to be a better way! 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @jrobiso2 thanks for your idea! There are additional similar requests around the Download tool and API queries, be sure to "Like" the ones you support.

8 - Asteroid

I'm currently working on a Macro with a nice interface that automatically can handle any REST output including parsing the JSON into a "Metadata" output and a "Data" output (in nice table format).  It tries to compensate for not knowing the JSON structure (every API returns different structure) and concentrates on the Array data returned.


It won't have the ability to use DB Aliases, of course, and that's a big negative, but I think that really needs to come from Alteryx and not some silly end-user-created Macro.


I'll post in here when it is completed, but I imagine that guys who are really good at Interfaces will be able to improve on it.

7 - Meteor

Yes this is a great idea , something similar to the postman experience which would handle common protocols is definitely a great idea..... 


Totally feeling your pain as more and more data exposed as APIs it is a big pain chaining 10s of tools just for the authentication! not least getting the response data out into a tabular format 

8 - Asteroid

How do I attach a file in here?  I'd like to post my Macro for doing API REST calls, but this thing doesn't have an "attach" ability?

8 - Asteroid

I made a different entry elsewhere where I could post my Macro.


This works pretty well, and fast too.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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