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A way to store credentials in the server & option in the Email tool to retrieve them.

I am currently working on building self-serve Analytics apps for colleagues and I am using the Email tool for this. However, the credentials have to entered directly into the tool and whenever the password changes this needs to be again changed into the workflow by the workflow developer.

This means that:

A) Workflow developer needs to have access to the mailbox used in the From field
B) Only the developer's email address can be used in the From field
C) The developer needs to connect with mailbox user in person or over video-conference, share control of his own machine and have the user put in their credentials every time the mailbox user's password changes.

These are three major hindrances in using the email tool to its full potential.


Provide an option in the Alteryx server to have a database where users can create a record of their credentials (hashed of course) and with each record a token number is generated. The token number can be shared with the developer who will update that in the email tool. Whenever the password changes, the user can directly retrieve his old credentials and change them using the same token number. This method will eliminate the above mentioned three constraints and allow for use of email tool to create complete self-serve apps.

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @PKoya, your feedback is appreciated! Our product team is constantly striving to make our products better, and the user feedback we receive is critical in that mission. This idea will be reviewed and commented on by Alteryx when the necessary criteria are met.