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xlsx file download analytic app

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Attempting to create and app that will allow users to download a multi-tab xlsx file to a local directory path. File is downloaded from an external website, and can be stored on server wherever necessary to facilitate this function.


Don't do much app building, so looking for some guidance.



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A simple solution is to use an app with File Browse, Folder Browse and Text Box as input. However, to get the job done you'll need a macro that will move the data sheet by sheet. The additional input that the macro will need will be gotten with an Input Data of the select spreadsheet for sheet names.




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Sound's like you'll want to use either the Download Tool or the Python Tool.


A lot really depends on the External Site you are downloading the file from.


What sort of API connections does the Web site have available? 


For example, I'm doing some work with Survey Monkey:

While I'm able to manually navigate to the web page and download a .xlsx file containing my desired output data, trying to do this with Alteryx isn't very simple.


Alteryx is not an RPA software. (Google RPA for more information) Therefore, Alteryx can not replicate the manual navigation process to download the .xlsx file. Instead, I have to use the API endpoints made available by Survey Monkey. This means I must download multiple tables that make up the spreadsheet and use Alteryx to join/merge the tables together to formulate the same output that is readily available through a manual download process. (Multiple Table required multiple API calls, which I made using Python)  https://developer.surveymonkey.com/api/v3/#SurveyMonkey-Api


If its a semi public external site, could you mention the name here? I might be able to take a peak at the API Documentation to point you in the right direction. 







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Can you give us some more details on how you are envisioning this and the user interaction? Does the user supply the website? Is the website fixed? Is the user running this on designer or through an app interface/server? Is there an issue with authorization?


There are a lot of questions and a lot of different possible workflows.


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The site where the data comes from is a customer locale where I'm utilizing the DL tool to obtain the spreadsheet that has 13 fixed tabs, with first two tabs being conditionally formatted pivot tables, providing summary info to the users. Running from the server, I have it setup to land it in directory path X. Because of the nature of this site, I can't hit it with ad hoc requests, rather this stored xlsx file (overwrite, named the same each day) is written on the server. So in this instance, no API library in place for public consumption data.


The underlying function is desired to be an embedded URL that will be placed onto a Tableau dashboard header - the intention being AD groups that will have access to it will be defined in the Collection where the app would be placed. The users accessing this are only those defined as having access to customer "A" data.



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So since the Input file is a fixed location on the server, I'll have no directed path that the user would need to select (red comment highlight background). I'm going to just give them the option to select the Output folder path they'd like it to be in when the file downloads to their local machine, with the added ability to change the file name (they can add a date, or whatever they'd like) to append to the output path. Would I utilize a different Input function, or just utilize the same File Browse tool directed to a fixed or UNC path on the server? If that's the case, would I be "hiding" the input function so the users have no idea that they are being directed to a fixed path, and they just see the output file and locale they've chosen?



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I have give credit to our account support team member @pabrahamsen , he provided the solution in 3 tools! From the server directory path a Blob Input tool - 



Next, create a field to represent the setup for file replacement naming for the blob output  -




Lastly, the blob output tool, converting the multi-tabbed and formatted xlsx file -




When running in the Gallery, the file that is downloaded and overwritten each day is accessed -




Downloading it saves it into the local users '..Users\"User Name"\Download\' directory path - which is fine in this instance. The ability to push into a directed path was a request, but the main result the users want in this instance is to readily see the data in question.

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If your users don't need to choose the input file then you can remove the File Browse input and embed the filename in the Input Data. If they need to choose the input file from a fixed directory they you would need to chain two workflows together. One for the getting the list of files with a Direcory input and passing the results to a Drop Down input.