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write data in DB - append existing tool error error



I am getting this error at the time of append data in an existing table: The columns and data type from the existing table and the table i am trying to "append" are exactly the same. My table has 200000 rows and 20 columns.


Any idea how to solve it? Thanks!


append existing.JPG

I've found the Hive tools in Alteryx to (or maybe just Hive in general) to be very picky about syntax; which is what it looks like might be happening here.

It appears that Hive isn't seeing a table named in your PreSQL.

I've found it to generally work using this type of syntax: "Select table.column from database.table"  If that doesn't make sense, can you post your preSql?



The "preSQL" error is a bit of a red herring since it is an internal SQL statement and not a pre SQL statement as entered by the user, but @patrick_mcauliffe has a great point - Hive is a bit picky with table names and with making sure things are quoted properly. It might be that the write tool doesn't see the table. 

The best way to make sure you have the right table name is by using the "tables" tab in an input tool and copying the table name from there. 

Henriette Haigh
Principal Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.