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working with xlsb files in Alteryx


Hi All,

I work a lot with XLsb files and want to ask if anyone has come up with a way to read only XLsb files. I want to extract some data from these files to run some analysis. 


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JulianV,

xlsb files are now supported in Alteryx 2018 so if you upgrade to that, you should be good.

If you don't want to upgrade, another option is the Excel Holiday Macro that was built by an Cameron Steele at Alteryx.  IT's a really awesome macro that makes bringing in Excel files a lot easier.  check out the blog post -

if you scroll to the bottom of it, you will see a link to it in the Gallery.

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Love this macro



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Data Lover


Hi Dynamomo,

I have the latest version of Alteryx (11.8.4) but still does not support xlsb files. The Excel Macro Holiday works for me so thank you for your help

Alteryx Certified Partner

The latest version of Alteryx is 2018 (not 11.8).  Here is a blog post on the release -

at the bottom of the post is a link to how you can download 2018.



Hi Dynamomo,


I've updated the version to 2018.1 while I still could not see xlsb files when I try to use "Input Data" to import file. Could you please help guide me how to import xlsb files in 2018.1 version? Do I need to use other button instead of "Input Data"? Thanks!

VersionNumber.JPGVersion Number 2018.1InputDataButton.JPGOnly xlsx can be recognized in Input dataTestSourceFiles.JPGTest source files xlsb & xlsx



Hi Dynamomo,


Just found that I could solve this issue via installing 2010 Access driver ( No worries about this. Thanks for adding this feature in 2018.1 version!


Alteryx Partner

Here's another vote for that.  Just downloaded 2018.1, had the same issue, and, as I have 32-bit Office installed on this (64-bit) machine, the 32-bit Access driver took care of it.


This is fantastic; thank you!

Alteryx Partner

You can get the drivers here. You will need Admin permissions to be able to install the drivers.



Hi @Dynamomo,

I am connecting to some .xlsb files but I can not see the option in the dropdown of the input tool. 
I am using Alteryx 2019.1 version which I download recently, I have 2018.3 on another laptop and I can find that option easily, any idea why this might be happening? 


-- Solved -- My bad, noticed the Access driver fix after posting this comment.