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workflow dependencies missing outputs?


I'm trying to track down all inputs and outputs for a bunch of workflows and i ran "workflow dependencies" and i'm seeing the inputs listed but not the write in-db outputs.  why?  and how do you track down all inputs and outputs?  thanks




Alteryx offers another product called Connect that is aimed at harvesting and documenting the metadata for a workflow or set of workflows.


If your use case is at an enterprise or group of workflows level, Connect is probably what you're looking for -


Workflow dependencies just tracks actual dependencies (files, connections, etc.) and the way that is viewed within the workflow doesn't necessarily consider in-db outputs as a dependency, since the database is just moving data around within it via the same connection (the connection to the DB is what it needs to track as a dependency).


Let me know if this makes sense.




makes sense but it's very hard to find all the pieces of someone else's workflow to find all the inputs and outputs.  i'll find out if we have connect at ford, but I doubt we do.