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where the data is loaded in S3 before copying to Redshift


Dear All,


I met a question when trying to load data from my local PC to Redshift. I am using Redshift Bulk and I learned that the mechanism of this tool is to upload the data to S3 and then copy from S3 to Redshift.


I would like to know where the data is uploaded in S3. As I am facing an error as below.


I am assuming it is due to permission issue and I uploaded the data to somewhere in S3 where I do not have permission to delete.


Error: Output Data (3): The COPY failed with error: We were unable to remove some files from S3 after the copy operation!10Error from AWS: Access Denied


@francis2016 make sure the bulk loader is set to the following settings. They are stored as temp files and deleted after the bulk upload process is done.