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using dynamic input on excel files with different tab / worksheet names


Hi Joe,


My ask is to load 10 excel sheets ( 7 xlsx and 3 xls) into an Oracle table. In each of these excels, there are three worksheets - A , B and C. I need to load B from each of them. The structure of B is exactly same.


Your solution asks us to use Dynamic XLSX. When I put the sheet names that I do not want to use, ( A and C ) , it is giving me this error - The field ' Sheet names' is not contained in the record.


Please help.




Hi Joe,


Is there a way to adjust this macro to be able to read in xls files as well?


The xls connection doesn't allow List of Sheet Names.


Thank you,




I am also having a problem with .xls files. I have a few workbooks that each contain a single sheet but the sheet name varies from month to month. Is there a way to bring in whatever sheet is available for this file type as well?




Your solution looks interesting. Would it be possible to provide a sample of your solution ?


Thanks !




two things from an Alteryx newbie :


first, is it possible for the Dynamic Input tool to relay the tab name, not the file name - as a field in the output file ?

I saw a solution online that mimics this, but it only does so by adding a column to each tab's dataset first, with the individual tab name shown in every cell..

far from optimal, especially if the tab data is automatically generated and you want to avoid an intermediate step/formula


second, I have set up a dynamic input tool and get the schema error everyone talks about

It seems that either Alteryx incorrectly assigns a string type to V_WString when the same field on all the other tabs reflects V_String

Initially I though there were character(s) in that one column that Alteryx just does not like

however, that seems strange since everyone seems to get the same issue with a Dynamic Input 


any ideas ?


Hi, i was going through the Joe's macro and couldn't find where,

Question: it's possible with this macro to update the input Directory automatically, which means, make the input Directory dynamic?