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update 2 calculated fields at same time which are interdependent



I have to populate 2 calculated columns whose values are interdependent. How can we achieve this using 2 mutli row tools. I am attaching the screenshot of the output to be as.


Fields to be populated and the formulas to be used in multi row is as follows:


EOH - IF [DATES] = 0 THEN [Plan Inv.] ELSE ([EOH]+[Row+1:BUF]) ENDIF  

BUF - IF [DATES] = 0 THEN [EOH] ELSEIF ([Plan Inv.] -[Row-1:EOH]) < 0 THEN -1 * [WRP] ELSE ([Plan Inv.] - [Row-1:EOH]) ENDIF





Any chance you could share the excel formulas for this example?  I'm having a little trouble converting them in my mind, and I'd like to understand how this should work in Excel before trying to solve it in Alteryx.

sure. PFA