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to add last day of the month in date with month and year


Dear all, 

Please help me the workflow for calculating the last date of the month , if input is 

2018-03 and required output is the last 30/03/2018

Please help me with this.

Best regards

Alteryx Partner

Hi @Ekta ,

Please find the solution below for your problem.



Thank you so much,

how can we convert this date into the date format?

201809 2018-09-30


thank you in advance

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@Ekta ,


i wrote about dates once or twice. Here's an article about Dates that you might find helpful. 


You will need to convert the string into a date format that Alteryx understands. It will become the first of the month. Then you'll add 1 month. Next you'll subtract 1 day. Now you're working with a date that's the end of the month with the right number of days. 


If you want a specific format of the date, you'll need to format the date as a string. 


Open that hyperlink and get more help there. 





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Hi @Ekta 


An alternative to adding a month and subtracting a day to use DateTimeTrim([DateField],"lastofmonth"). This returns a DateTime value one second before the end of the month.  If you need this converted from a DateTime to a Date use ToDate(DateTimeTrim([DateField],"lastofmonth"))