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.tde file not being overwritten - Alteryx Scheduler Error

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Hi All,


From the raw file - I output the files in two formats - one a csv - around 2 gb in size and the same as a .tde which is ~ 140 MB in size.

Since last month  - on few occasions,  I have faced the issue of my .tde file not being overwritten - The workflow runs via Alteryx scheduler.


Solutions -  I think it can be a permission issue or someone using the .tde when the workflow runs can also be one of the issue.

Workaround - I think outputting the file to a SQL database can be one of the workarounds.


Let me know if I have any other workarounds here.Thanks.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Yes; if the file is open by another user then the file will lock (this is the same for a lot of filetypes).


As you mention this should be fine using SQL Server, or alternatively, publish the datasource directly to Tableau Server, and then this conflict won't occur either.