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simply copying data from one excel file to another excel file

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Hi Team,


I am trying to copy data from one excel file to another excel file, but am unable to copy the data from my first excel file(which is the input file or source file) to second excel file which is my output data file, which I send it further. Also after copying the data to the second excel file which is the output file, I need to do other changes as well, but that is after copying the data.



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Hi Rohit,


This somehow is not working for me, it is going into endless loop showing the space to 50 GB or 1 TB while processing.
Also it is giving a warning - "Joins on double or float are not recommended due to rounding error".


As per logic I think this should work, but dont know somehow the data is not getting copied to the other file.


Please can you suggest some other solution.