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set up concurrent workflows?



Is there a way in alteryx to set up concurrent workflows in scheduler?


by that i mean setting up one schedule so that 2 or more workflows kick off at the same time?








Check out the CREW Macros "Runner" and "Conditional Runner". They do just that.




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Out of the box, there's no way to have 2+ kick off at the same time. The runner macros suggested by @MSalvage are going to be the easiest option, but they're designed to run your workflows sequentially.


That said, if you are able to figure out a way to trigger 2+ workflows to execute at the same time, you'll need to review the Alteryx System Settings on your server to see how many jobs are allowed to run simultaneously, but this is not a setting you should just throw a large number to and should be set appropriately. 


Hope this helps!





from what i understand, the runner and conditional runner run workflows sequentially.


i wasn to run them in parallel. 


sort of a shell workflow that has the list of workflows that should run at the same time.







Yes, I am aware of the server setting to limit the number of simultaneous workflows. I am trying to run the parallel workflows within this limit only.






Hi @rozario12,


One way I can think of would be to setup a workflow event to queue a second workflow via the "alteryxservice.exe" executable with the "addtoqueue" argument in the Alteryx bin directory at the same time. This doesn't necessarily do "parallel" workflows, but could allow you to queue a second workflow execution from your primary execution. Note that the workflow would have to exist on-disk somewhere on the server it's being scheduled on. This will actually add it to the queue of the server, so you'll still stay within your server's limits based on your system settings. The downside to this is that the event wouldn't fire until the workflow is actually run, so if you have a backed up queue they may not run sequentially. You could potentially have a workflow that calls both of the workflows via this method that you want to run in parallel which theoretically would queue them one right after another, but this still doesn't guarantee they'll actually run in parallel unless there are enough workers available and conditions are correct.


Some info on the command line -

Info on events -


You could also use the server's API to run your workflows. These will also obey the queue and limits. You can find documentation on the API here:  Note for testing you should use your own Gallery's API docs at your Gallery's URL (http(s)://[base Gallery URL]/api-docs/) as you can then test your API keys live.


Alternatively, you could always throw everything into one workflow and have two completely separate flows, but I'm not sure how feasible this is for the processes that you're trying to run.

Mike Spoula
Solutions Architect - Services