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set isolation to dirty read (Informix)

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Hi Everyone,

I can run this SQL script in an application like dBeaver but don't know how to set it up in Alteryx as an SQL query within an "Input Data" tool.  As you can see below, the workflow returns an error.  Is there a method that I can use to read a DB table that would work the same way as dirty read?















@flipperdm I don't think that Informix is supported by Alteryx as of now. You can check this link for the supported data sources. You can use the ODBC connections to try to connect with Alteryx, but you might see some issues with it. Also, I would recommend creating your SQL query inside the SQL Editor or Visual Query Builder instead of copying/pasting from a source. Sometimes, things do get lost in translation and causes an error. 


However, you can try creating custom database connections located in .\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\ODBC\Customizable ODBC Driver Connections.pdf. Note, these were originally meant for partners to develop custom connectors for customers, not for customers themselves. If you were to try this, you would be completely on your own supporting it. 


You can also suggest this idea as a feature request at If the idea has already been submitted by another user, please give it your vote and add your use case in the comments Our product team is very engaged here and they are constantly looking for great ideas/features to add. Hope this helps.


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@DiganP Thanks for responding. I have been running several workflows for Informix using the ODBC connections and it seems to work well, just this one.  I have found a solution though which I can share for anyone that runs into record lock issues.  



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You can also use the pre-SQL statement.  That is used to run a statement before your query since Alteryx doesn't like to have anything before Select in the actual SQL page.