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scheduler failing when logged out


I have workflows that run fine manually, and when scheduled when I'm logged in, but then fail overnight. Is there a different Run As option I can use to kick off overnight jobs? Right now the Run As credentials are the ones that I use to log on to the machine. Thanks!



Are you scheduling it manually using the windows task scheduler? I've had the same issue scheduling it manually. I believe my issue was that the scheduler cannot recognize the network drive letter that I was using. It only recognizes the drive letters once a user logs in .. hence when logged off it couldn't find the files to run. I was told by a colleague that using the built in scheduler avoids this situation, but i did not test myself.




This is using the built in scheduler and I am using the full network paths, though I do think it has something to do with not being logged into the machine when it is scheduled to run...

Michelle Bickel


When I was reading up on my issue, I saw people mentioning two types of admin accounts. My understanding was that there are local administrator accounts and then there are domain administrator accounts. The local ones may have limited permissions as set by some sort of "group policy" that may be enforced by your IT department. Sorry I can't help more, I didn't really understand what they were talking about, but maybe check to make sure you have at least local admin rights.


In another one of my cases the scheduler was running, but the task was failing. You may want to check the log files: C:\Windows\System32\Winevt\Logs\Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler%4Operational.evtx ... there is an event viewer that may help you see if it is being triggered or not.