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save while running


is it possible to save a workflow at the same time it's running?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Hi Becky, no it isn't, however Altertx does two things to help ensure you don't lose your work.

Firstly it autosaves, by default I believe every 10 minutes, but you can set this value to be more/less often if you go to options - edit user settings. Autosaves files can be found quite easily in a folder but the path alludes me off the top of my head and I'm mobile at the moment!

Secondly it creates a .bak file every time you got save. A .bak file is stores in the same location as the workflow and is a copy of the version at the point of the previous save. You can convert a .bak file to an Altertx workflow file by changing the extension to .yxmd