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.rpt Files for Workflows


We get files from a system that generates them into a .rpt format. It doesn't appear that Alteryx recognizes this file format when I look for the file in an input tool. I've tried to find a way to convert these file types to .txt or .csv, but I haven't had luck. Has anyone worked with this file type before and got it to load into Alteryx?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @denvic29 


Have you tried to open it as CSV file, with \0 delimiter?





No luck, I can't seem to get it to open in any other format. I have tried notepad to convert it to .txt and that was also unsuccessful. I can't see the data in this .rpt because I believe I don't have a program called Crystal reports. We are trying to find a way to convert a process using these .rpt file into an Alteryx workflow so others without this program can get visibility and do data validations and checks that weren't done in the past.