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removing duplicates from different fileds logic?


So I use fuzzy matching to match company names. I review all of the matches and maintain an "exclude" file for pairs that fuzzy matched, but are not actual matches. My file is getting very large and I wanted to try an consolidate it by removing pairs that are duplicated in the data.


My exclude file has a "Master" and "Compare" fields. In my flow I use a join tool to remove items that match to the master and compare fields in my exclude file. However it does not matter if it matches to the master and compare or the compare and the master, as long as the pair matches in one direction or the other I want it excluded. So because of this I wanted to remove duplicates in my exclude file where the master and compare are the same in more than one row. Its hard to explain so here is an example:



In the picture above you can see I have ADCOM INC and ALCOA INC as a pair twice. In one instance ADCOM INC is the "master" but in the other instance it is the "compare". How can I remove one of these pairs and keep the other. All methods I can think of will either remove both or neither.

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Hey @azanetell,


Try something like this:


  • Add a recordID and transpose the data
  • Sort the values so they are alphabetical
  • Concatenate the values back together
  • Pick the first match in the list
  • Join back to your original data

Removing Duplicates.PNG@LordNeilLord

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Yes this works! Thank you!!!!!!! I would have never figured that out on my own!

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I enjoyed this one :)


Glad I could help



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