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remove blank fields from the end of rows


I am using a union to stack a bunch of transactions.  When I stack them using the union tool it looks like this, and as you can see there are some transaction lines with multiple blank fields at the end of the rows:




The output file is a .txt field.  Fields sort of looks like this:


000.03 00069 20181115 112
011.02 A 112 10373 S 4034 112

050.03 A 112 16656 20181105 10 8 498882
060.04 A 112 10373 20181024 63000 3 99999

870.01 A 112 16635 F12.99 20181029 01 1358797 498664
999.01 00069 20181115 112 00009


I need a single tab character at the end of each line, and then a hard stop at the end (after the 00009).


Any help or guidance is much appreciated.


In general, when trying to do customized delimiter formats in Alteryx, I recommend creating this yourself using the Transpose and Summarize tools.


Something like the attached workflow might do the trick: