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read and store a value


Hi All, 


I want to read from an excel sheet and store a specific value from the excel sheet to compare it to another value later on in my process. My problem is the position and the value  of what I want to capture and store can be  different each time but the word  "sum"  is a constant  and is always one column and cell to the right of the value, how can I dynamically read and store the value after sum. I have attached an example below 


If i understand correctly, you have a sheet with 2 columns and you need to pull in "SUM" row. Then take the value to the right?

image.pngInputimage.pngWorkflow "[List] = 'sum'"image.pngOutput - F2 is your field/value you need to carry through


Then you can just append F2 (or rename with a select tool) to any dataset coming in to use the value.


Thank you so much. This was very helpful. Sum can be anywhere in the excel sheet, it can appear in a column that is not F2 or a column that has no name in that case what would I do?



I've attached the workflow for the above example. 

First, set the input to "first row contains data" so that it comes back with the generic F1, F2, F3... headers and add a recordID - these two numbers will be our coordinates. 

Then transpose so we can search all cell values for "SUM"

assuming we need 1 cell to the right, add 1 to the "Name" field to reference the column to the right (according to excel).

Then join to the other records and you'll get your desired value.