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"Unable to open file for write" error even with Block Until Done tool

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I was wondering if I could have help with the following? I am working with a workflow that is trying to write output to 15 different tabs in one Excel spreadsheet. Before using the Block Until Done tool, I got the "unable to open file for write" error on every other Output Tool. However, after using the Block Until Done tool, I am getting the error consistently ~3 times. The same Output Tools get the error each time (screenshots attached). What can I do to clear these errors? I've tried multiple different ways to configure the Block Until Done tool, with the same 3 errors each time. Is 15 separate tabs in one Excel sheet simply too many?


Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thank you,



Hi Erica,


You'll get this error if your workflow is trying to write to more than 1 sheet in the same Excel output at the same time. The only want to ensure this doesn't happen is to cascade 8 Block until done tools like this (to give you 15 outputs)


cascaded block until done.png


Sorry, I meant 7. You don't need the last one.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The much easier option here would be to use a batch macro to generate each sheet, or, if they have the same structure, then union all the streams together and use the option at the bottom of the output data tool to write 'chunk' your data to the different tabs.