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"First to all" vs. "None to all" options in US GeoCoding tool


Hello community,


I'm using the US GeoCoder tool in Alteryx, and have noticed that for many addresses that have multiple possible matches and Alteryx gives the selection screen, the first listed option is "none." This is the case even if the scores for the other options are in the high 90s. This means that if I pick "First to all" (which i have to do because i'm processing millions of records, i can't go through them all one by one) those addresses don't get geocoded. But there are perfectly good options there. Why would you have a "First to all" AND a "none to all" option on that window if "First to all" acts just like "none to all" by selecting none? Why can't the "first to all" option pick the top-scored address? Anyone know how to change this...?


Hi Ali, 


When Return 1st Candidate or First to All  is selected, the highest scoring match should always be returned. It is true that in the Prompt to Select dialog box that 'None' is the first listed option, however, that should not equate to no match being returned as the first candidate.  


I ran a few tests on my end and am not able to replicate the issue.  If you are still having issues and can attach a sample workflow/data, I am happy to take a more in depth look.