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"File not found" in Dynamic Input. File path too long?




I am running a flow with Dynamic Input, and our files - stored on a central cloud server - have very long file path names.


We have control over some of the naming, and have been able to get the path lengths under 260, but this will be a recurring issue for us. I understand that Windows 10 removed the 260 character length limit, but it seems like it is still a part of Alteryx?


Has anyone found a longer term fix than manually shortening the file path names?




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Alteryx Certified Partner



I created a filename = C:\Users\markf\Downloads\I am an unreasonably long filename given the challenge to be found via an Alteryx dynamic input but I do realize that I am not quite the 260 bytes asked in the question I should be long enough to test a theory.csv


Reading from a DIR tool, I see this file as one of the files that I need to read via the DYNAMIC INPUT tool.  No worries!  I inserted a formula and created an update to the FullPath field as:


The result was = C:\Users\markf\Downloads\IAMANU~1.CSV


The data was read without error, warning or other maladies.





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Thanks, Mark! I'll give this a try. Sounds very reasonable!


Great question I was wondering this too!




This solution works if it is the filename that is causing the path to be excessively long, but I would think the more common scenario is that the directory structure is very deep and the [Directory] portion by itself is over 260 characters.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation?