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"Blending" Allocate / Experian Variables

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From the Allocate tool, I was just wondering if anyone has attempted to "blend" variables from different Experian datasets? Is this possible? could I use predictive or other methodologies?

For example, at the zip code level - I am looking at Experian US>Basic Var>CY estimates>Race & Ethnicity>Hispanic>Female>Age 18 thru 34 variables.

I would like to enrich this data with say education, income, married/kids, or even internet/mobile behavior - for this specific segment. e.g. one end goal would be to know which zip codes over/under index for Hispanic females 18-34 on instagram or Hispanic females 18-34 with income $75k+

Also - although survey data and probably undersampled at zip level - could I use the Simmons data? E.g. to see if Hispanic females 18-34 bought a vehicle in the past 12 months?

I also looked at calgary consumerview but data points seem limited; all the interesting ones I need to contact my Alteryx Rep!


Any help is appreciated!




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Adding to Lonnie, you should take a look at 'Mosaic USA Grand Index v3.0.xlsx' once you register for free on . You can get this sheet when you go to the download section and download assets. In the zipfile you will find this sheet which includes Mosaic Names, Descriptions, Household and Population Counts, Grand Index, Grand Means, Rankings, etc.


I use the sheet's "Grand Index" to look for Mosaic Groups/Clusters that over index for a certain variable (like age 25-30). Once you clean up the sheet you can easily join to Mosaic Dominant or HH Distributions in the Allocate tool to get more insights.