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"All Fields Must Be Mapped"

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Hi All,


I am linking two inputs to a standard macro. One input matches the field mapping but the other doesn't give me the option to select the correct fields so I get this error "All Fields Must Be Mapped For the Input:..".


Any reason why this is happening?



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Hi - can you let me know what the solution to this is please?


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Sorry Sar_Copp. I think it just started working for me for some reason. 


I saw this error occur when I edited a formula tool within a macro.  I saved my work and closed the macro.  Then I went back into the normal workflow where the macro lived and clicked run only to receive the error you did above.


I personally think this is an Alteryx Bug because the solve for me was to click the macro and then click outside of the macro to help it correctly map all fields.



I am facing this weird issue "All Fields Must Be Mapped" when editing a macro that the workflow references.

Not sure how to resolve it. Need help.



This issue got resolved once I opened the macro independently and edited it.

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I am running into this issue, but closing and re-opening is not working! 


did you ever find a way to circumvent this issue or a reason for the error?



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Alteryx Certified Partner
In your macro input, change The fieldname to:

Fieldname (optional)

That will make it optional.


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Thank you @MarqueeCrew


As a novice, this will prove to be helpful in moving into the world of macros! Rock on!



Thanks again for the solution!!!!!