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python code inside work flow

5 - Atom

Hi new to this tools . Is it possible to add python code inside work flow . E.g I read file from excel then that will connect python logic and the final output will save destination ? 

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @avidey, if I understand your objective, you can achieve this using the Python tool in Alteryx which has an embedded Jupyter notebook inside it.


The Python tool will read data from excel upstream (i.e. you use Alteryx's regular Input tool to read excel data and pass it into the Python tool) as a DataFrame, you apply your relevant Python logic to this DataFrame, and finally, pass it back into Alteryx downstream as a DataFrame.


@avidey - You may want to read the following: https://help.alteryx.com/current/designer/python-tool 

5 - Atom

Thanks for reply . I don't want to use  any tools  like Jupter / Data brick . I will only use Alteryx tools where 


Step 1: I will connect input toold to read csv/exce/text/db 

Step 2 : Alteryx filter 

Step 3: introduce ( embedded ) python code inside Alteryx tools  

Step 4: Alteryx will connect destination 

7 - Meteor

You want to build a Workflow like this.


Get Input Data, Apply Filter, Handover Data to Python and send the Python output to some files.


To use Python within the Workflows you need to configure your Tool Palette and display the "Developer" Set.

Within the Developer Tools you find the Python Object.

5 - Atom

looks like you gave very good suggestion . Let me try