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populating the data to respective column


Hi Guys, 

I am attaching few input files and desired output for it. I have a few input files and i would like to automaticaaly read them from the folder and populate the data to respective column.

Please help me with the workflow.


Best Regards


Hi @Ekta!


I took a stab at this. I'm a little unclear as to how you want to process records that are null across Marriage date, Amount, Cash and CurrentValue1, but I think this will get you close to a solution.




(Directory tool feeds each file into a macro for processing)








Let us know if this works for you. If not, please respond with more details so we can undertand how to handle those null records.



Thanks a lot but workflow is not giving me the right output.

I have few excel files with the sample input i attached here ..

There are many empty values like this. I need to Extract all the information from these excels .so my headings for the output becomes: Name(marked in yellow) ,Date(cell under yellow),Plan, Birth data, marriage date, amount , cash, currentValue1,lapse date, no. of ideas,Idea Price.

All this information header are not in same row so need to make them structured .Also in this excel we have empty values for lapse date , No.of ideas but in future i may have some values there so need to make it flexible .if in future we get some value here .my workflow could extract the info.


Thank you so much



Hi again @Ekta!



It's a little tricky to see which records you want to keep with so many nulls in your sample dataset, but let's give this a try.


I marked any row that contains "Current" because that seemed to be one way to isolate a header row. I created groups of records based on everything from the header row down to the next identified header row. I wrote a new batch bacro to process each group of these records and dynamically rename the fields. So basically, it's a macro in a macro to deal with the fact that your header rows do not match up into columns.


I left all the nulls and blanks so you can see how the data is being pieced together. You might want to drop records by using a filter tool right before the browse tool.


Play around with this and let us know if we're getting warmer!