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pick only the template columns


Dear All, 

I have a template for my output and my input files may have any number of columns . is there any way or tool to set the setting to pick only the template columns from the input excel or raw data  every time when the workflow is run ..


eg - my output template column  is -- name | class | marks | age

and my raw data may have any number of columns together with the template columns.


how can i do the setting so that my workflow always pick the template columns automatically whenever workflow is run on new data.


Thanks in advance

Please help



Hi @Ekta 


There are probably numerous ways to achieve this.


The one that comes to mind is if you read in your template file - with the headers you want and with one row of nulls in all columns. You can then Union your template to your raw data file and select the option to 'Output common subset of fields'. This will union the nulls on but restrict the fields to just the ones in the template. You can then use a filter tool to remove the null values afterwards.


Let me know if this works for you or if you find a different solution.




Thanks Luke , 

Works perfectly fine:)