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ouput file only if there are records

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Hi all,


I'm using output csv file to provide the data steward with a quick view on any missing mappings etc... So in the flow I have a branch with conditionals and aggregators to identify erroneous/missing values, then output that to csv on a designated place. The data steward reviews these files and knows what to do.


However, the csv is generated even when there are no records. Is there a way to prevent creating the empty csv ?




kind regards


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19 - Altair

Hey @Jay45,


How about this:

  1. Use a FORMULA to create a "filename" field.
    if IsNull([Required Data Element]) THEN '' ELSE 'FileName.csv' Endif
    if a required field is NULL, then put blank in filename otherwise use your filename (could be a constant).
  2. Output using "Take File/Table Name" and remove the field from your output

If the name is blank, Alteryx won't output.




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I just wanted to add on a little more to @MarqueeCrew's answer.


If you set up a formula with a filename, and modify your output data tool to "Take file/Table name from field", then if there are no records passed through, alteryx will not create any files.  That should skip the need for a "required data element", based on your use case.

Basically, I think you could modify step 1 of the prior answer to a Formula of


based on your example

6 - Meteoroid

Marked as solution because it was slightly more accurate than MarqueeCrew's answer.


I wish this behaviour of NULL filename was better documented...


But thanks to both!