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need sheets to start on 13th row

6 - Meteoroid

Question.. so I am putting together multiple sheets, but the problem is I need the first 13 rows of each sheet to be deleted. I know if I use the Sample tool I can get rid of the first 13 rows, but that only does it for the first sheet added. I need it to do it for all of them. Any ideas?

12 - Quasar

Hi @jakriete0416,


How are you breaking the data into separate sheets?  Please provide a sample if possible.  If it is a specific identifier that separates the sheets you could use a Multi-Row Formula tool to add a new column that restarts each time it finds the identifier, then use a filter tool to remove the lines (see attached workflow that filters on the first line).




FYI - Usually these questions are put in Designer Discussions as more people look at that thread.  

8 - Asteroid

Are you inputting or outputting multiple sheets? If outputting, please provide more information about what you are attempting to do.


If you are using the Input Data tool, there is an option to start import on a specified line. 


input after row13.PNG

8 - Asteroid

Hey jakriete0416


I used the dynamic tool sample to show you how I might solve that.

Hopefully, this works for you!