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need 2 interface

Inactive User
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Hi  @Inactive User


There is no way to have paged or multiple UIs within a single app


There is a way to do this using chained apps.  

  1. Set up your first analytic app with your first ui elements.
  2. Set up your second app with the filters
  3. In the interface designer for the first , select the wrench and check  On Success - Run another Analytic App and enter the path and name of the second one




When the 1st app completes it will automatically launch the next.


Note:  There's no easy way to pass information directly from one app to the next.  The best way to pass data is to store data in an Alteryx db as the end of the 1st app and read it in at the start of the 2nd



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Inactive User 

If I understood well, you want the Filter to dynamically adapt to your Dataset? 

If yes could you provide a sample?