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logistic regression error


Hi-I got the most recent version of Alteryx recently. I had been able to build simple logistic models in the prior version but I'm getting this error this time around and I don't understand it (I don't know R code). My outcome variable is most certainly binary (0/1) but Alteryx is telling me the target variable must have only two unique values. It does! All of the independent variables are either scaled questions (1-5 response scale) or dummy variables I set up in advance. I used the select tool to make sure all variables were numeric/double. Any idea what this error means? Thanks!


Hi @jbuszin


I am sure you have checked the unique values in the promoter field, but adding a unique tool and selecting this field will give you clearest view on if this is indeed the case. 


I would also recommend adding a data cleansing tool before the logistic regression to make sure there are no nulls values in your fields, this can cause errors within the R code. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant


Thanks for your reply, Jordan. Unfortunately the solution didn't fix anything. I had already used a summarize tool to make sure my dependent variable only had 2 unique values (0 and 1), which it did. I added the unique tool anyway and now my "promotor" variable, which I know has just two unique values, doesn't even appear in my "target variable" drop-down list. That's weird because I've used the select tool prior to make sure the variable is a double/numeric.


I also added a data cleansing tool as you suggested. Same errors as before. 




Justin - any luck solving this issue? I'm having the same problem.


HI @macd279


Could you check that your target variable is a string?


considering this was over a year ago, I don't know. I assume this was figured out but unfortunately I don't remember what the solution was


No worries, thanks for the response.


Hi Dave, yes dependent variable is string. Also checked for nulls and special characters and all seems well. I'll keep digging. Thanks!