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latest drop down value not display unless running the workflow

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I got an app which take values from an sql table for one of the drop down. If we enter a new value into the sql table how can i refresh the workflow without running the workflow to take the latest value from the table to display in the drop down? is there a way to refresh the drop down menu as soon as the app is open?


app screen shot.PNG


Screen shot above is of the drop down and the how the values are coming into the drop down

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@AndrewCrayford you shouldn't really have any transformation tools connecting to the drop down.


You need to check out 'chained apps' and how they allow you to achieve this.


Essentially you have workflow A which takes your table and converts it into the format needed for the drop down, you would right this resulting table, somewhere on your machine or into a database.


Your second piece then has everything else, with your drop down connected directly to the database you have written in the previous piece. 

You can then chain them together so when the user hits 'run' it will run the first part (which requires no user config). They will then be presented with the latest drop down values.