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keeping data types and field lengths from json input

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I'm doing regular input tool file format json. code page Unicode utf-8. It gives me the 2 columns that I can run through a txt to columns and I can cross tab afterwards. After using the cross tab tool I get the data how I want it to look. This part I have no problems with.


When I look at the select tool afterwards I am getting type as v_wstring and size at 2048. The couple of other examples I came across on the board when trying to find this out also looked like this.


Is there a way to get the data types and size from my json input? don't really have any dummy data to show or use. 

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Hi @ptchill 


You can put a field info tool after the input  



5 - Atom

The json input tool just has the 2 fields so I get type v_wstring for both with a crazy high size bc you need to do the transformation to get it into a table format.


That was my instinct too but since it didn't give me what I was looking for that's why I posted. Thanks for your help.