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issue with DateTimeAdd returning null


I have a simple formula that returns null for some of the values even though no records have null values for the required variables and inputs are correct data types.



DateTimeAdd([MX In Date] + ' ' + [LUS_RON_End_Time], 1440 -([Min_GT]*60), 'Minutes')


I verified that [MX In Date] is a Date and that [LUS_RON_End_Time] is a time.  If I remove the [LUS_RON_End_Time] then it works.  I have no idea what is causing this issue.  Nothing has changed in the upstream process or raw data.  Any ideas? Thanks

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



It works for me.


Maybe your [LUS_RON_End_Time] has bad data in it?  You can check with:


This will identify any records without the proper format for the time (note:  it isn't smart enough to identify bad times like 25:70:88).


Make sure also that the min_gt is a number.  Otherwise, maybe you can post some data?




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All the fields were good,  but now it is working fine even though nothing changed.  I don't get it.