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input data source template in dynamic input tool

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Could someone please provide some insight.. i have used something like C:\Users\UserID\Test\ExcelLoad.xlsx  in the input data source template

it is working fine right now but when i move the workflow to the gallery and schedule will it look for that folder C:\Users\UserID\Test\ExcelLoad.xlsx

on the server - will be getting an error because there is no such folder on the server - thanks for your time





4)I took an example file from the community and this is where i am banging my head to the wall

the workflow example that i took it from the community has the line in the "input datasoruce template" - This i did not modify it or i did not touch it all

how is it working? I do not have E drive on my PC or i have any excel file that is name is File1.xlsx - but when i run it i see the data getting from the SP folder file and it is what i want - this particular line i am not able to get it - i really appreciate your time if someone can explain me this








Hi @Raj_007 


You will need to have your input files saved in a location that your server has access to - like a network folder that both your machine can access, for workflows development, as well as the server. Hope this helps. Cheers!

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As @christine_assaad saied you have to put the file in a shared location that the Sever can access like share drive. After that I recommend you to use ALL UNC in order to be sure that the server have the same path as you used in local:


Below how to setup the ALL UNC folder:




Hope this helps,


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Hi Christine,

In my workflow that i downloaded from the community - i used it to work with my req

but i did not change the input datasource template i used as it is 



in my PC i do not have the E drive not i have any file that is called File1.xlsx - how is this working? confused

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Hi Christine,

one thing i did not get is - in the input soruce template excel file - we can keep anything that is kind of template with the sheet name and few columns in it

This IS not the actual data file - just some template similar to the actual data file - correct?

Hi @Raj_007 


The Screenshot is too small so I can't really see how it was configured. You can share the WF so I can better answer your question. Do you have any path created using the formula building block?