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input data coming from multiple streams want to write it in one single excel sheet

7 - Meteor

Hi folks,

I have data coming from multiple streams and I want to write the data in a single excel file in multiple sheets,

using block tool with the output tool I am unable to do that. Please find the attached WF. I have added formula tool which adds field name SheetName1,SheetName2,SheetName3 and in the output tool configuration I have selected 

Output options : Create New Sheet

Append field map : By Field Name.

Do appreciate for the Inputs in this regards.


Karan Jugran

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12 - Quasar

Hi @karanjugran


Can you add the workflow :-)? I bet when u use the full path in the formula tools instead of just the sheet name that it might just work out, if you attach the wf i'll make a dummy for you. 





16 - Nebula

@karanjugran where you have multiple streams that you can't simply use a Block Until Done tool or change the sheets in the Output Data tool, I'd recommend using the Parallel Block Until Done macro, which is part of the CReW Macros pack - http://www.chaosreignswithin.com/p/macros.html


You can chain two of these together in your case to Output Sheet1 before then writing Sheet2 and Sheet3 in sequence.

7 - Meteor

Hi @Sebastiaandb ,


Sorry for the late reply and thanx for the mes.

Please find the attached wf, I made some changes but still,  I am unable to write the data.

Error- The process can't access the file because it's used by another process.


Thanx for the help in advance,


Best regards,

Karan Jugran

17 - Castor

@karanjugran  Can you please try adding union tool after formula tool and then use layout and divide data from all inputs to different sections and render the output to excel as below:




Sapna Gupta