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how to pick the data from a cell and populate across multiple rows?


I'm hoping you can help me with this.Attached is my sample data and desired output. I'd like to pick the data from a cell ( e.g. A3 shown under Current input ) and populate across multiple rows ( e.g F17 to F 22 as shown under Desired output) in a new column ( e.g.Metric).


Thank you



note: In my workflow, i created a work around for this using Sample tool to skip 1 N row, used Dynamic rename tool to get the row 4 to show as the new headers, and a Formula tool to populate the Metric column. Although, I'd like to achieve this without the formula tool if possible.


I used a similar solution, but took the second row and appended it. Solution attached. 


hi Brandon,

The attachement is not opening. But i think i understand what you are saying.





Here is the tool configuration for my solution. If the field that you always want to append is in the second row you could use a select records tool to pick that second row, use a select tool to only pull that column, and then append the value from that cell to each record from the top part of the workflow. I also reattached the workflow to this post if you can give it another try opening it up. 


append solution.PNG