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how to count a number of times a string occurs within a column?

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Hi, very new to Alteryx!


I have a column full of hashtags that I've taken from tweets - the thing is this column shows the hashtags used in each tweet. Thus some of the hashtags appear twice or more, where they've been used in other tweets. 

What I want to do is be able to count each time a particular hashtag appears in the column, and add this number alongside in a new column. 

I want to do this to see which hashtags appear the most and which the least - does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

i tried count in "Summarize" but that just counted the number of values in the column, 


Please and thank you!


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Hi @sa99 


Welcome! You're very close by using the Summarise tool; it just depends how your data is structured as to how you might now use it.


I've attached an example of counting hashtags against 3 different structures of data; hopefully this gives you an answer? Let me know if not!








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Thank you! 

I ended up trying the Frequency Table before you replied, and it did the job! 

Thank you for your response anyway~