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how to convert range of date into integer (Alteryx)

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Hi Guys,


Please help to solve this problem in Alteryx.


Kindly attached excel file.


Thank you.


Hi @jayryan612 


Sorry if this is me being stupid, but I am not quite sure how you have come to the output for the cell.


Could you explain the logic please?

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Hi @JoeS


Sorry if my query is not clear.


Let me edit that.........Boom!


I have 2 files. I am only after the close dates of those files.


I would like to count every 3 months and assign a value to those months.


For example.


Close DateDate Value (This is what I want to do)


In the table above.


1. I would like to assign a value (count how many months).

2. I would like to have same value (count) if month/year is same.

3. I would like to count the unique month/year.


The goal here is to convert the YYYY-MM-DD to a Integer so I am able to plot it in Tableau, just like this.


Radar Chart created in TableauRadar Chart created in Tableau

As you can see, my idea is to plot first 3 months in the inner circle, and then next 3 months on the center circle and lastly will be the rest of the month on the outer circle.


This is due to table does not read date value when plotting, it reads integer value (as I have known).


I hope you can help me with this.


Thank you very much!!


Got you, thanks for the explanation.


I have built and attached a workflow that should achieve what you are after.




The first part generates dates from today to the end of next year (you will need to change this to be the relevant range for you).


It then goes to calculated the date value field for each day in the range.


Give me a shout if you have any questions around the logic.




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First of all, I would like to thank you for helping me regarding my query.


I have seen your workflow.


The idea what I was looking for is the output given by the "Counter" haha.


I would like the counter to count every 3 months, but with 5 items interval and continuous numbering.


The reason for that is to have some spacing on the actual radar chart in tableau.


Please refer on the attached excel file.


In the attached excel file are the actual close dates on my files.


I need them to be separated every 3 months with 5 count interval and continuous numbering.


I hope you can help me with this.


Thank you very much!


I am not quite sure what you mean there?


You attachment appears to have the same value as the counter in it?


In the formula it increases by one each time, if you need to increase it by five, you can update that?