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how to add custom date column and join to the existing work flow

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I have a situation where i need to add a date manually every I run the workflow to the output. Can someone advise how to add a date which is of dd/MM/YYYY and connect to existing workflow?




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You need the date to enter into the data stream of the workflow?  If so, for this purpose, if it has to be manual, I'd probably use the text input tool. 


Either enter the date properly formatted in your required format, or just enter it as a string, make sure to format that field from that tool as string, then convert the field to the proper format downstream using either the Formula tool or the DateTime tool.


If I don't understand what you're trying to do here, can you clarify?

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@satishchaganti If this date is random (i.e. not consistent such as the current date, etc) then you can build an analytic app by adding interface tools. This would allow the user who is running the workflow to be prompted for the date value when the workflow is executed. This value can then be added as a column via the formula tool.

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In addition to @neilgallen's response, which I believe is the best solution if you want to be prompted for the date at run-time, youll want to add a Formula tool, or DateTime Tool to get the custom format you desire


In a Formula Tool, you can enter:


DateTimeFormat([Date], '%d/%m/%Y'')


For the DateTime Tool, you'll want to select the "Date/Time Format to string" option at the top of the configuration, and then in the "Select the format for the new column" box, find your desired date format (dd/MM/yyyy)


When you run this, it will output a new column with the desired format of the date from your user input.




I've attached a sample app, let me know if you have any troubles with it or any questions.

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I was able to use the date, action tool and text input field to append the date to my input files. Thank you for your solution. 

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Can you please share your solution? Thanks!