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fuzzy match issue in alteryx

8 - Asteroid

may i ask how to reduce the matchscore in terms of attached kind of SFDC opportunity account name match with BO report end user name or corp account name? Obviously they are different company, however alteryx matched quite high matchscore, can we do some adjustment in fuzzymatch to lower score to below 90 or 80 or below 96 at least. thank you.

9 - Comet

Hey @lilyyangadsk,



If you want to improve the score. I suggest trying out a few data cleaning steps and always comparing the output, then judge if the change was good, or not. 

- Removing common abbreviations (like for english companies it would be corp, etc. (but the spanish equivalents in your case)). 

- Remove punctuations, spaces, etc. 

- Replace Words like "UNKOWN" with Nulls, so there is no wrong matching possible. 



This should improve the overall score, and then you can adjust the threshold to higher levels to filter out wrong ones better.

8 - Asteroid

thank you ! but some company name like attached workflow is very hard to lower the matchscore, i can't do too many data cleaning due to big database customer name.