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ftp from mainframe without use of batch


using windows to a mainframe, it's a simple ftp:


ftp bob





get `mainframefile` daily.txt


but i can't figure out, without the use of a batch file, to set the type=ascii, in the download tool.  ideas please?




becki kain



someone here knew what it was.  stuff a formula tool infront of the download but after the input tool and do this:




where the %2e are . in the file name.  give that a column name and tell download to use that column name for the connection.  


I am am also trying to use the download tool to FTP file down from mainframe. However, type=a directive seems to be ignored. File gets FTPed down encoded in EBCIDIC, with all line feeds stripped out. I can then read the file back in using an Input Data tool with Code Page set to "IBM EBCIDIC - U.S./Canada". That solves the encoding problem ( content is *kind of* readable) , however, everything is on one line.


This is what I have in the URL field.'PRACTICE.T.SOMEFILE';type=a


My raw mainframe file looks like this : 


row 1: my test file
row 2: my test file
row 3: my test file


It gets FTPed down looking like this : 




When I read it in using code page of "IBM EBCIDIC - U.S./Canada" it looks like this : 


row 1: my test filerow 2: my test filerow 3: my test file


Any ideas on how I can resolve this?


Appreciate the help!




Hi Becki,

Glad to know that you are from Ford too. I've been facing this issue of connecting to Mainframes through Alteryx

Thanks for you post . I tried it However it says "remote file not found" , While the file is actually present in Mainframe.


Hence could you share/attach the Workflow which you used to connect Mainframe Fac and able to download the file..


Kindly remove your RACF ID and Passwords in the download tool before you share them.




send email to you may not have access to that file.


Becki - how did you get around the issue of missing carriage return ( described in my prior note )? Thanks!


Please PM me.


I recently ran into this issue, and found this old thread that got me close. I however found that I can use SFTP (which is more secure anyway), and it returns the file in the correct format, ASCII not EBCDIC and with the necessary carraige returns/line feed. This is an example of what the request looks like:




I also have a very basic workflow that accomplishes this task. If you're here from Ford, it has to be on port 222 not 22, and you need the dataset name in single quotes and proceeded by two forward slashes.