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flat file import with unicode




I have  a flat file with unicode characters. When I try and import I get an error message that the data cannot be converted to string. When I search the relevant help page (  it suggests that w_string is not an option to import. Am I missing something obvious here in relation to importing the file?





I believe it is just a limitation of the configuration UI and you can manually alter the XML of the tool (yuck) to be V_WString and then think it will work.


Alternatively, if you import the file as a CSV file with no delimiter (\0) - you can specify the code page as UTF8 or UTF16 in which case it will come out as V_WString as needed.  You will need to make sure the field length is long enough (defaults to 254) and then parse the file in the workflow.

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You can have a look into this post about code page:


Hope it helps!