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external program returned an error code:1

6 - Meteoroid

I'm trying to run external python code. Python has been installed on the server, but I still got error message: External program returned error code:1.


What does this mean? How to fix it?




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Did you successfully execute this workflow on your local machine?



6 - Meteoroid

Yes, it is running on my local machine, but when I installed python on the server, it returned error code 1

5 - Atom

I have the same problem: Python script executes fine when called from the command line, but fails when it's executed from Alteryx using Run Command module on the same machine.

I configured the Run Command to execute Windows batch file, which is being written by preceding Formula module:

Write Source:

Output: D:\Alteryx_Workflow\python_command_line.bat

Run External program

Command: D:\Alteryx_Workflow\python_command_line.bat

Working directory: C:\Program Files\Python36

Alteryx workflow reports following error: The external program "D:\Alteryx_Workflow\python_command_line.bat" returned error code: 1

When I copy the content of D:\Alteryx_Workflow\python_command_line.bat and run it in C:\Program Files\Python36 directory from the command line console on the same machine, it works fine.

Please, can someone advise what's going wrong there? How can I get more meaningful error message, e.g. console output? Alteryx seems to be very poor at providing helpful error messages.



5 - Atom

I have managed to get this working - although Alteryx Run Command module has Working Directory set to C:\Program Files\Python36, I had to explicitly change directory in batch file before calling Python script.

So, my batch file that is run by Alteryx Run Command module looks something like this:

cd C:\Program Files\Python36

python.exe D:\Python_scripts\ argument1