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excel input no sheet specified, but I don't get a list




I'm not sure if this is an error or blatant lack of knowledge, but I'm not able to open a list of excel files.


They're all in the same format. Each excel has 1 sheet called 'Data' and a table called 'Table1'

I attached an example file.

The list below 'select a sheet' is just blank. Any ideas?


On a sidenote: I recently updated to 2018.2 and since then I have to reboot my computer frequently because Alteryx starts bugging (like it returns errors that I know don't exist, and when I reboot it runs smoothly)





no results.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

This is strange, I get the same problem with your file.


What version of Alteryx are you using, 2018.2?


I resolved the issue with your file by adding a 2nd sheet, which then allowed the drop down to appear and I could select the original data sheet.


As a temp fix you may look to do this; I'd consider raising a support ticket with alteryx though to identify why this may occur (




Yes, indeed. 2018.2

I'm relieved you have the same issue. I already started watching youtube video's on how to upload excel files :D




Support told me how to fix it, even though I don't really understand what the problem is :)

If I understand properly it has to do with a microsoft update or something where you need to use the 'legacy' option

Start with downloading the 2010 Access driver

And then use the excel legacy option



And it works :)


Thanks for the tips,