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event when no new data in a given period


Hi all

I have a monitoring tool which sends every 5 minutes new data into a SQL database. I grab these data with Alteryx and make my workflow ...

Unfortunately the tool is not very stable and sometimes there are no new data sent and a restart is needed.

How it is possible to setup an event in Alteryx if no new data are available for the last 5 min before the workflow runs.

It should only alarm when there are no new data. (Not for 0 and NULL values)

The workflow is sheduled on a Server to run every 15 minutes. There is a date/time field in the data.


Many thx in advance





What kind of "alarm" are you looking for?  In cases like this, I frequently use the Email tool to send myself a message stating that something isn't working.  Something like this should do the trick:


Using your DateTime field, the Filter grabs just those records created in the last 5 minutes.  The Count Records tool then does a count, and the second Filter checks that count to see if it is 0.  The Email tool then sends a message, alerting you or whomever else that there's an issue.


Hope it helps!