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error in family(object)&linkinv(pred) - what could that mean?




I am trying to run the model on a new dataset, using Score tool. I used some time on fixing data labels and data formats from the new dataset (before it was fixed I was getting error messages like "variables xxx and xxxx are not present in dataset to be scored"). 

Now these problems are fixed, all necessary variables in correct formats are present in dataset. 


Now I get the following error message: "Score: error in family(object)&linkinv(pred) :" And nothing more (like what kind of error). 


I tried to google it, but could not find any answer. Can anyone help me with idea, what kind of problem could be related to such error? 


I found a solution. Just if someone will face the same problem. :)


Have no idea, why and how it helps.


But in one of my categorical variables there was a New category (which was not present, when I built the model) - "year"="2018". When I deleted all "2018", the workflow gave the score.